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Zscaler Email Security
Zscaler Email Security

Zscaler Email Security leverages the world’s largest global security cloud to provide the industry’s only 100% cloud-delivered web and email security solution. Every day, millions of users across 140 countries depend upon the Zscaler Security Cloud to ensure protection against hard-to-detect email threats, including viruses, phishing, spam, spyware, data theft and blended threats. And, our patented, multi-tenant cloud architecture means you get all the benefits of proactive, real-time email security without the need to deploy and manage appliances or software.

Complete Email Protection
  • One solution stops spam, viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, advanced threats and data loss.
  • Assures protection of inbound and outbound email.
  • Integrated web and email threat intelligence blocks blended threats.
Cost Savings
  • No appliances, software or clients to deploy and manage.
  • Predictable user-based subscription with no CapEx.
  • Elastic solution - cloud scales as you need capacity.
Simplicity and Efficiency
  • Deploy in minutes - with configuration and policy updates effective in real-time, across the entire cloud.
  • Single directory integration for both web and email.
  • Eliminate complexity and point products - nothing to deploy and manage.
Compliance and Real-time Reporting
  • Helps meet regulatory and industry compliance - HIPAA, PCI and FISMA.
  • View any transaction, by any user, from any location in seconds.
  • Prevent email-based data loss across all devices.
Global Cloud Coverage
  • World’s largest global security cloud.
  • Five 9s availability - local, regional and multi-continent redundancy.
  • Near-zero latency.
Inline Antivirus and Anti-Spyware
Zscaler’s email security is constantly up to date with the latest signatures, behavioral detection and dynamic counter measures to protect email users against viruses, spyware, worms and other advanced threats. Our patented, multi-tenant cloud architecture delivers all the benefits of traditional, on-premise solutions, eliminating the need to push signatures to datacenter hardware or end-user desktops.

Zscaler Email Security delivers the highest level of spam detection and prevention - leveraging the most advanced, real-time IP Reputation engine and zero-day outbreak protection. Reputation and spam updates are sent to the cloud every 30 seconds - while real-time content inspection detects image - attachment, and text-based spam, malicious URLs and phishing attacks.

High Availability
Zscaler Delivery Assurance receives and holds emails if the organization’s exchange server is unavailable. Zscaler DDoS Protection mitigates all attacks and denial-of-service attempts in the cloud - keeping your network, exchange server and firewalls free from excessive unwanted traffic. And, cloud-based directory harvest attack prevention ensures your servers and information are protected.

Real-Time DLP
Zscaler scans all data leaving your organization—including email message body and attachments. Through granular rules - based on user, group or domain - Zscaler detects and blocks the loss of sensitive data, including Credit Cards, SSNs, financial statements, medical documents, source code and other intellectual property.

Boundary Encryption
Zscaler Email Security provides secure delivery of email messages when connecting to a remote Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). IT administrators can easily enforce delivery of emails over an encrypted channel-based on the combination of sender, receiver and content of emails.

Email Security Suite at a Glance
Global Cloud Platform
Ensure consistent mail security and policy across all locations, networks, and devices
Real-Time Reporting
Report on any compliance transaction, from any location, in seconds. Two year summary and six month transaction logs.
Full Payload Inspection
Inline scanning to log or block transactions with confidential data. Inspect Office, Adobe, zipped files and more.
Integrated DLP
Single policy scans across web and email traffic. Single console for administration and reporting. Seamless integration with web, email and mobile security policy.
Day-1 Deployment
Start protecting your data immediately, with predefined engines and dictionaries ensure compliance on day one.

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