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Zscaler Mobile Security
Zscaler Mobile Security

Zscaler Mobile Security leverages the world’s largest global security cloud to protect mobile users and secure corporate data via the industry’s only 100% cloud–delivered mobile security solution. Thanks to a unique architecture that accepts traffic directly from smartphones and tablets, Zscaler Mobile Security protects users across mobile devices and laptops, regardless of network or location-All with a single policy. Zscaler Mobile Security scans in and outbound traffic, to enforce corporate security and use policy and to prevent corporate data from leaving the enterprise perimeter regardless of device or location. A gap–free mobile perimeter - enforced in the cloud.

Gap-Free Security
  • Secure all traffic, from apps and browsers, over corporate wireless, public Wi-Fi and even 3G/4G networks.
  • Real–time inspection of all content in the cloud with near-zero latency.
  • 0 hour protection - without patches.
Mobile Security
  • Apply a single, consistent user policy across all PCs and mobile devices.
  • Security and policy across networks, including 3G/4G.
  • Instant protection against malicious apps, browser exploits, cross-site scripting and phishing.
Simplicity & Efficiency
  • One unified management and reporting console across locations, users and devices.
  • Global policy management-one policy follows users all around the world.
  • “Hands-free”-secure personal devices without an install.
Compliance and Real-time Reporting
  • Comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) across all devices.
  • View any transaction, by any user, from any location in seconds.
  • Helps meet regulatory and industry compliance-HIPAA, PCI and FISMA.
Advanced Threat Protection
Zscaler’s purpose-built, ultra–low latency security cloud scans every byte of In inbound and outbound email traffic to secure users and data against today's Advanced Threats. Deeper, more comprehensive scanning protects against botnets, malicious active content, phishing, XSS attacks and other cross-vector / advanced threats.

Cloud-Delivered Security
All mobile security and policy is enforced in the cloud, with no apps, agents or software to install. Mobile device traffic is scanned bi - to stop threats and protect corporate data. Like all Zscaler security, productivity and security policy follows user across all devices and locations transparently and automatically.

Web 2.0 and Application Control
Zscaler enables secure access to Web 2.0 sites and applications from personally-owned and corporate devices, without compromising productivity or security. Now, IT teams can easily create global policies-based on users or groups-for granular control over mobile content and applications like webmail, streaming media, social networking and instant messaging.

Data Loss Prevention
Zscaler scans every byte of outbound traffic form every mobile device to ensure that private corporate data stays within your enterprise perimeter. With global scanning and enforcement, mobile devices are secured against data loss on 3G and 4G networks, as well as corporate and public Wi–Fi.

URL Filtering
Zscaler enables organizations to limit their exposure to liability by managing access to web content based on a site’s reputation. URLs are filtered against multiple global databases consisting of 90 categories, 30 super categories, and 6 classes.

Unified Policy and Reporting
Because any security solution is only as good as its global management and reporting, Zscaler delivers a single, unified console to create email and web policy across all users, devices, and locations. Administrators manage their own policy-with changes instantly reflected across the entire cloud, and effective across all device traffic. And, Zscaler’s advanced NanoLog™ technology ensures administrators can view any transaction, by any user, from any device or location-instantly.

Zscaler Mobile at a Glance
Global Cloud Platform
Secure Users and data across devices and networks, including 3G/4G, with Real–time global security and policy enforcement. Full SSL inspection to scan all outbound content across web, email and application traffic.
Integrated Security
Single, integrated policy applies to user traffic across mobile devices and laptops. One policy for Web, email and DLP security across locations, devices and networks.
Real-Time Reporting
Report on any transaction, from any location or device in seconds. Two year summary and six month transaction logs.
Full App Traffic Scanning
Secure app traffic in addition to browser traffic from smartphones and tablets. Scan both clear and encrypted content, in and outbound.
Full Payload Inspection
Inline scanning and enforcement across mobile traffic. Files, apps, browser traffic and more.
Integrated Loss Prevention
Prevent mobile data loss with a single policy across all devices. Single console for administration and reporting. Seamless integration into Web and email security policy.

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